1.  Our babies came to us easily.  For that we are lucky and blessed.  And, thankfully, ignorant when it comes to infertility.  We were ignorant.  Our friends Lee Ann and Dennis are fighting infertility.  Fighting a long fight, a roller coaster of emotions at every high and low.  I never truly understood….I mean I thought I knew a thing or two about what those who battle infertility go through, but I didn’t.  Not really.  Lee Ann and Dennis are amazing.  And strong.  And open.  I know it must be so difficult to be so open about something so painful, but they do it.  Jason and I have learned a lot from them reading their blog and I know our family, and many others, are praying that they will soon have the baby in their arms they so desperately long for.  I asked Lee Ann if I could post about their story on my blog because they are doing everything they can to raise funds to be able to go through another round of IVF before their meds from the previous round expire.  There are some amazing women in our area that are raising funds through consignment sales and garage sales for them.  Dennis is working extra hours and  Lee Ann is cleaning houses and painting rooms/organizing homes on the weekends.  If you know of anyone in need of these services in the Austin area, drop me a note at lstradtner at mac dot com and I’ll get you in touch with her.  We’re going to have her paint a few rooms in our house and I can’t wait.  I also donated the proceeds of a recent session to their cause.  I would also like to put it out there that they are very open to adoption so if you know of a birth mother looking for two amazing people to parent, please keep them in mind.  I have every faith, that one day, not too long from now, I’ll be linking back to this post having photographed their beautiful new baby….

2.  It is 74 degrees and GORGEOUS today.  Just a few weeks ago, it snowed.  Snow was great but I am SO happy spring is here, things are turning green and the wildflowers are just around the corner….I’m ready!!  If only the hotter than hell summer wasn’t right after spring….I’ll try and forget that is looming and just enjoy the gorgeous weather while it lasts!

3.  Speaking of wildflowers…..I’ve gotten quite a few emails asking if I will be doing Bluebonnet Mini Sessions this year and the answer is YES!  I won’t be scheduling them until bluebonnets show up though as the timing can be a bit unpredictable.  If you want to purchase a bluebonnet mini you can do so at any time, but we won’t set a date/time until they start popping up.  I’ll probably only do 7-10 and they will likely go quick, so contact me soon if you think you might want one!  Bluebonnets will forever remind me of the beginning of the crazy, loud, funny, beautiful friendship of my two favorite girls….

4.  Awhile back we were getting rid of some furniture and sold Teagan’s dresser to Wendi Schoffstall, a photographer in Houston.  At first I was a bit surprised she wanted to come all this way to pick up a used dresser but now I get it….Wendi had a vision and oh my word, I am in LOVE with what she did with it.  Seriously….gorgeous!  Check it out, amazing!

5.  We recently received an invitation to attend the wedding of one of Jason’s dearest friends from high school named Nancy.  When Jase came back from the mailbox and announced we got “Nancy’s wedding invitation today” Taryn dropped what she was doing, threw her arms up, twirled around and exclaimed “We’re going to FANCY NANCY’S wedding?!?!”

6.  With our new “slackerwagon” came two TV screens and a DVD player.  I’m already over the barney and sesame street videos.  Can anyone recommend something educational of the non-annoying variety?  And if you limit TV time for your kids and they watch TV in the car – do you count that against the time you normally give them at home?  I’m just curious what other parents do….I don’t think they need to always have the TV on in the car but it sure does cut down on the bickering, so there are times I love it.  I just need to figure out how to manage it and gain some balance.

7.  Kindergarten registration is just around the corner.  Uhm, what?!  You should have seen how quickly the blood drained from Jason’s face when he heard those words come out of my mouth the other night.  Can’t believe it….

8.  I’m signing Taryn up for dance class tomorrow.  I foresee dance pics in our future….

9.  Teagan’s tongue is doing much better!  He is already back on a normal diet and everything.  Man that kid is tough!

10.  I’m off to photograph the beautiful miss Camy this evening, daughter of the best nanny in the whole entire world!!  Sneak peeks will be posted tonight!