1.  I said a little prayer for Taryn’s teacher as she headed out to school this morning.  Poor woman is going to need all the help she can get after Taryn’s day yesterday and morning this morning.  Jase joked he’d be dropping her at the door and running away as fast as he possibly can.  LOL  Three year olds are soooooo fun (wink wink).

2.  I have such an emotional attachment to my wedding rings, they were given to Jason by his grandmother who had also inherited them.  They were well over 100 years old when we got engaged in 2003.  We had them re-sized when I was at my thinnest (2 kids ago) and it has really been bothering me that I haven’t been able to properly wear them since Teagan came along.  I finally took my wedding ring and engagement ring in to have them re-sized (if only I could take my rear in to be re-sized….sigh).  Anyway, when I did, I also found out that the entire setting is cracked….I’m lucky I didn’t loose the diamond in the middle.  So before bringing it in to have it repaired, I decided to snap a quick pic of it ‘just in case’….this totally makes me wish we had a cool, creative ring shot from our wedding.

3.  Teagan is sick.  I so wish I could just wish it away and make it all better.  I bet all mommas with sick kiddos feel this way.  He just can’t seem to catch a break.  We’re hoping that the next two weeks will be better for him.  Our pedi will see him again and determine at that point if he indeed has chronic fluid behind his ears.

4.  I love it when my husband wears blue.  It brings out his eyes.  If I buy him a shirt or sweater, 9 times out of 10 it is blue.

5.  This habit may or may not apply to our big ole blue eyed baby too….

6.  I love this.  The concentration, the pudgy hands.  I could just eat him up.

7.  Ty is taking a much needed break and heading on over to my Mom’s house for spring break this year.  I’m so jealous.  I wonna go!!

8.  I have been wanting to catch this shot for a looooooong time.  Finally did and I’m so happy about it.  Books.  His first love.

9.  Yeah, we had fun at our little excursion to the library….

10.  They were watching us.  But we didn’t get kicked out.  I’m sure security got a good laugh out of our elevator antics.  I’ll go ahead and admit we were making faces into their security camera.  It was good for us to take off, just the two of us, for awhile.  He needed it.  So did I.

Happy Tuesday!