1.  Not only was yesterday our anniversary, but Teagan also turned 9 months old. It’s flying by.  I had a potential client email me about a session in February for her child’s first birthday.  My first thought was “oh wow, I need to be getting ready for that too!”  More emotional preparation than anything I think.

2.  He says “dada”.  With intent.  Love it.  It’s soooooo cute.  Jase melts and who can blame him.

3.  Thursday is the big day, Ty’s school play.  Can’t wait.  Gotta get there early to get a front row seat.

4.  Taryn saw this in a catalog and went crazy.  Why, on earth, such a thing as a pink christmas tree exists, is beyond me.  We planned on getting her a little tree for her room this year because Ty was about her age when he got his.  But pink hadn’t even occurred to me.  Last night she was on the phone with my mom and asked her to just “click it online” and it will come.  Smart little modern cookie.

5.  Lily’s birthday is coming up.  When Jase asked Taryn this morning what she wants to get Lily for her birthday, she promptly replied “a rollercoaster“.  Oh that kid cracks us up.  Would we be the coolest parents / friends ever if we bought her a rollercoaster for her 2nd birthday?!  I think Alli would disown me LOL.

6.  I have so much client work to share with you guys, it’s crazy.  Once I get through the next week or so I hope to sit down, go through my calendar and showcase some from each session, lots of fun stuff!  When I get around to updating my site with so much new work, it’ll look totally different.

7.  No more army crawling.  Little dude is up all all 4’s all the time now.  I’ll miss the army crawl.  He pushes to sitting easily, climbs up on anything and everything to can get ahold of.  Chases the other kids, and the dog, in his walker.  He also discovered Kylie’s tail.  Sad news…..the mohawk is starting to fade =(

8.  Somehow I managed to really hurt my back.  I got home from shooting on Saturday and within 45 minutes I could barely move.  I don’t know if it is a muscle problem, skeletal problem, pinched nerve, or whatever.  My doc said to wait it out a few days, uhm, sure, with 3 kids, a house and a business to run.  I’m doing a little better today, but Sunday and most of yesterday were awful.  I think its my bodies way of telling me to slow down.  I’ve been going like crazy.  Hey body, you got my attention, I’m listening now.  A huge thank you to everyone I was supposed to meet up with on Sunday for being so understanding, I appreciate it!

9.  Now that we’ve got our photo wall up in the entryway, I’m planning the next wall display.  This time, in Teagan’s room.  It will include the tie photo of he and Jase and some custom sized stuff.  Can’t wait!  I hope to have it up before the holidays.

10.  I realize I am officially totally behind in the times, but I’ve just become addicted to google reader.  Why, oh, why, didn’t I do this before?!  So easy, and it saves me so much time AND I don’t fall behind in reading my favorite blogs.  Love it!  My one and only complaint is that I can’t figure out how to get two of my favorite blogger blogs in there, Erin’s blog and Amber’s blog just won’t work no matter what I do.  I’m thinking it’s a blogger thing, but I know very little about RSS stuff.  Anyone know?

If you’d like to me to add your blog to my reader, just leave a comment to this post with the link and I’ll check it out!