1. This week included playing in the rain.  More than once.  The big news here is that it rained in Texas.  More than once.  In a weeks time.  My kids loved it.

2.  Ty’s lifeguard gig didn’t work out and he’s now volunteering at the Williamson County Animal Shelter.  I’m super proud of him.  And I keep reminding myself and everyone else we have all the animals we can handle at this point.

3.  Taryn turns 8 tomorrow.  Eight?!?!  How did my sweet baby girl get so big?!  She’s so stinking fabulous and unique in her own right.  Most days, I’ll be honest, she exhausts me.  But she also makes me laugh and is full of entertainment.  I’ve often said she’s more work than all my boys put together, and that is true.  I’m so proud of her and love her fun spunky big personality.  Her current request on her birthday eve is that we call her “Queen Taryn” for the day.  Not because she’s anywhere near being interested in princesses, but she *is* all about being in charge.  There ya go.

4.  I laid down next to Taryn tonight while she read before bed.  I watched her read for a few minutes, studying her profile and all the fabulous little freckles that live on her face, and I asked her if she wanted to hear about the day she was born.  Of course she did.  It was so fun to relive that day with her.

5.  Taryn’s birthday wish list included:  1.  A live dragon  2.  A Coyote  3.  Going camping.  #1 and #2 weren’t happening for obvious reasons and it’s way too freaking hot at the end of July for #3.  Sooooo, she chose to go swimming on her birthday.  And that’s the plan!

6.  Over the last month or so I have searched and searched for a great facebook group dedicated to nutrition and kids that takes a holistic, natural approach. I haven’t been able to find just what I was looking for so I finally created one. If you are raising foodies, interested in nutrition, want to avoid chemicals, etc. please feel free to join RAISING FOODIES.

7.  Jonah took a tumble off our bed last week.  His fearless dive was scary for all but thankfully after a chiropractic adjustment, he’s fine.  We now have our bed in storage and our mattress on the floor.  Jason can get him in the crib easily, but I’m too short and my arms aren’t long enough.  It just wasn’t working.  So now we have a mattress on the floor and a constant baby proof room.  Nap time always ends with the “BOING” sound of him playing with the doorstop.  Reminds me of a certain little duder who was once obsessed with door stops.

8.  In addition to diving off furniture, he is ev.ery.where.  He’s army crawling and so fast.  I feel like we are in a constant state of watching the floors for every little lego, puzzle piece and random fuzz.

9.  His current favorite thing to do is to climb IN the fireplace.  I found this child proofing idea on pinterest and Jase built it for me.  You can see Jonah is less than impressed but the big kids love the chalkboard.

10.  I got an ice cream maker for my birthday a few weeks ago and have been trying out various healthy dairy free recipes here and there.  We haven’t quite perfected it yet.  Any tips out there for coconut milk ice cream?