I got to travel outside of Austin for this newborn session in Houston.  It was nice to stretch my legs a bit and go do something different.  The first thing I noticed about Houston, the ground is green!  They must have gotten more rain than Austin this year, everything here is brown and dead.  It rained inbetween my sessions that day, it felt so weird and bizarre to turn on my windshield wipers.  I seriously wanted to get out of my car and dance in it.  Yes, we in Austin, have been quite rain deprived.

Their little guy is so sweet, he slept the entire time.  In fact, we had to work hard at the end to get him to wake up for just one shot.  Their dog, Samson, who is hands down the biggest dog I have ever seen, was so gentle, so protective and so sweet.  While we were trying to get Wyatt to wake up by messing with him a bit, Samson was not a fan of us messing with his new baby and barked at us.  That noise did it, Wyatt was awake and we got that very last wide eyed shot.  Thanks for helping out Samson!  Amber & Levi, congratulations on the birth of your son, I can’t wait to see you guys again in just a few months!!