Tonight, we’ll lay low.  We usually do.  But it’s got a place close to my heart, the reason we lay low.  Jase and I met in June of 2001.  After 6 months of being neighbors and friends, New Year’s Eve was a turning point for us.  We were invited to a party with some friends, but at the last moment, Jase started feeling sick, and since Ty was already at my mom’s house for the night, he told me to go on to the party without him.  We weren’t dating or anything, so I went on without him.  As I left, I instantly felt his disappointment.

I drove to the party, make a quick appearance and left.  I headed to the store, picked up a few things and then went and sat outside Jason’s front door.  Armed with sprite (for the sickly), champagne glasses, a few party hats, some confetti poppers, I stood outside and tooted a little horn until he heard me and came outside.  He had a huge silly grin on his face.  We sat around, drank sprite out of fancy glasses, and talked all night long.  After the ball dropped, we both fell asleep in his living room talking.  A few hours later, I woke up, uncomfortable on the floor and realized he was holding my hand.  I remember laying there, totally still, wondering if it was an accident, intentional….just wondering.  I didn’t want to let go.  It was a first for us….a first step to something more for us.  New Year’s Eve was a new beginning.  It was still several weeks before we had our first kiss….but New Year’s Eve was the turning point.

So tonight, when we take out the sleeping bags and pile the kids in front of the TV to watch the ball drop, armed with junk food and fancy glasses filled with sprite, it’s more than us being boring old married folk, it’s tradition.

Happy New Year 2009 everyone!!