I mentioned the other day that we hired a nanny to come in and help us a few days a week to help me get through busy season.  It’s just for a few weeks.  The biggest perk is Becky’s baby girl.  Love having a baby in the house.  I took a few minutes away from working yesterday and snapped this of little Miss Camryn.  I mean, I certainly can’t be expected to concentrate and totally avoid procrastination when there is a cute, bubbly, chubby cheak baby in my house!


Plus, I figure Beck deserves a little something extra for putting up with so much around here.  EXHIBIT A, B, C & D-Z:


WEIRDNESS.  There is so much wrong with this, I don’t even know where to start.  1.  The swim goggles are a fixture.  In November.  Apparently Buzz wears some sort of goggles and she’s declared we’ve deprived her of Buzz protective goggles long enough.  So goggles it is.  2.  I can’t have a conversation with her in her goggles, they make me giggle uncontrollably.  3.  Especially at the dinner table.  4.  She’s wearing her brothers “I AM DINO MIGHT” jammies.  5.  Notice the food, drink and attitude.  She knows she’s busted.  She tried to convince Becky that eating in the living room ON the coffee table was acceptable at our house “because sometimes Ty let’s me do it”….Hey Taryn – Ty’s not in charge of anything chic, even if you like his answer.  5.  There is rarely a dull moment around here.  6.  Thanks for putting up with us Becky, you’ve been a life saver this week!