There is a reason for all this weirdness.  I know you’re thinking “WHAT?!”  Most days we are so crazy busy around here with food prep and running more than one business and kids and the dogs and supplements out the whazoo,  it is just easier to let Taryn dress herself.  And it is ALWAYS interesting.  I’ll be totally honest and say it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it would if *I* were the one to bring her to school each day.  But Jase does drop off and most days he just shakes his head and smiles as they head out the door.  But each day in carpool the lady who calls the kids names out to the ramp gives me a big thumbs up if Taryn’s outfit was something special that day.  I love that.  There were times when we first started to let her dress herself I’ve wanted to wear a sign around my neck that says “I did not dress the girl” but now I figure most moms know.  I love what she picks out truly.  So fun to see her express herself and I figure there is such a very small time in her life that she won’t be focused on what others think of her or be worried about how she looks.  What a completely free feeling that must be.  So we embrace it.  Well, in the effort of full disclosure, “we” does not include Ty, he does not embrace it.  He’s just downright embarrassed by it.  He’s 13 though, he’s embarrassed by the mere fact we all exist so whatever.  Annnnyway, Miss T dressing herself is something I never want to forget and I know I’ll kick myself if I don’t document it so for the next 7 days I’ll take a snapshot of her each morning, having received no help from us in picking out her clothes.  Should be an interesting week.  I’ll report back, with photos.

ps – Duder had to get in on this one.  Love the rice cake, laundry basket and shoes on the wrong feet.  Totally not intentional but perfectly imperfect.