on Taryn to get up from her nap so she can pick the big winner of the free session!  I had to bring Ty to the Dr. this morning and then T fell asleep in the car on the way home…so now I’m waiting.  Sorry for the delay, if Ty gets home from school before Taryn wakes up I’ll let him do it and post the results!

In the meantime, here are a few pics from yesterday…we took a short, yet long, walk to the mailbox to mail out the last few birth announcements…I say short but long because Taryn loves picking wildflowers along the way and we make LOTS of stops.  Yeah, it takes a good 45 minutes to go to the mailbox and its only a few hundred feet away.  And these aren’t too shabby for a mommy who was wearing a wiggly 2 month old in a sling and wrangling the 5D!  Multi-tasking 😉   


You’ve got mail…I looooove this one!




I’ll be back soon, promise!