PCS = Photographer Child Syndrome

It’s an adjective that describes the actions of a child who is overly photographed due to having a photographer as a parent.  This term is most commonly used by photographers when describing their own children in frustration.  This condition is rampant, just as any pro with kiddos at home.  Exhibit A:


Little stinker.

I love this bathing suit my mom bought for T, I’m soooo mad at myself for forgetting to bring it on our beach trip though.  I had big plans for it!  Then when I tried to do a little shoot with T at my mom’s house when we got back from the beach, she wasn’t all that cooperative.  We ended up giving her the hose just to get her to stay put a bit.  I may try again soon.



Oh, I have so much blogging to catch up on.  I am desperately trying to get settled in and through so many of the images (and emails) I owe people.  Bear with me as I catch up on the first 5 TTD sessions, Calla’s 6 month photos, the Slidell mini sessions, Steph’s TTD and I’ve got to get ready for Taryn’s 3rd birthday party!  Busy times but I’ll post as I get through it all….it may not be in chronological order though =)