I love, love, love working with other photographers.  Nine times out of ten, they are totally up for anything and everything.  I was so psyched that our first thing to do once arriving at the beach was to meet my longtime online buddy Stephanie.  We started this whole photography journey around the same time and it was so fun to finally meet her and her gorgeous little girl in person.  So after a quick dinner, we hit the beach for a quick trash the dress session.  It was Teagan’s first time at the beach and he was so chill about it….


A couple of confessions….first, I love it that my husband is always willing to wear Teagan, even when I only pack the girlie print sling.  By kiddo #3, he’s pretty chill too, and such a trooper.  Second, I was pretty nervous about my camera and the sand.  So much so, that I took an absurd number of photos without even looking through the viewfinder trying to protect it from the sand and breaking surf when in the water.  Third, looking at these I’m dying to do a destination wedding. 

On our way down…


love the bucket for a touch of whimsy – haha!


For what it’s worth, she totally dove in to the surf.  We had a blast!!