Today was hard. We found out that my former father-in-law, Ty’s grandpa, passed away. We knew it was coming as he was removed from life support yesterday. It’s just a very sad situation. It feels like a lifetime ago that he was a part of my daily life. He was there for us during some really hard, difficult, times. He absolutely adored Ty and his older sister. Moments after we found out about Nathan, we broke down while moving from our rustic mountain spot to a nearby resort. We had to be towed 0.5 miles at a cost of $350 😣 They used a chain pull since we were towing the RV. Totally nerve wracking. We have a mobile mechanic coming to work on the truck first thing in the morning. The tow truck couldn’t get us in to our site. Thankfully a neighbor came out and offered to help. We appreciated the offer but knew the odds were not in our favor because we have a side winder hitch. It was fate because so did he, against the odds y’all and a huge blessing. The video of Jason, Jude and Jonah pushing the truck in to our spot is priceless. Thankful to be here and safe but really ready for today to be over.