As hard as it is for me to get up and out the door bright and early (I’m so not a morning person), once I’m on the open road, heading to a session, I love it.  And it’s not just being in the car by myself, without kids, there is nothing like a Texas sunrise in the fall, seriously beautiful.  If you live in Austin and you haven’t caught one, it’s totally worth hauling yourself out of bed!  I had a session in south Austin bright and early this morning and man, oh man, was the drive pretty.

When I arrived, I met the sweetest little doll ever….

So sweet….and about to be a big sister….

love love love this one…

uhm hello, is she gorgeous or what?!

and this one….I love everything about it…because this is what mommies do….we hold on tight every minute we can….

K Family, thank you so much for inviting me into your home this morning, it was wonderful to meet you all.  The love you have for one another shines through and I can’t wait to meet your baby boy in a few weeks!