Taryn and Jude have a fitness class on Mondays.  We usually come home and Jonah wants to eat right away and go down for his nap.  I walked out from putting him down and found this.  I’ll be honest, I sat and stared in disbelief that all 3 little kids were napping and at the same time.  That never ever ever happens.  Taryn and Jude don’t nap anymore, so for one to nap would be a big deal, but both?!  It was so quiet in the house, it honestly made me anxious and nervous….I didn’t know what to do with myself!  So I ate lunch in peace, I didn’t have to share at all and no one tried to steal my food.  And then I just paced the house anxiously because I was afraid of waking anyone up.  Yeah, not all that productive.  Even still, fitness class for the win!