Oct 19, 2007
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Well, a quick update this morning as I log in from our hotel.  After a long couple of days, we’re all moved out of the house and the sale occurs this morning.  Part of me is sad, it’s our house, our home.  Jason lived there when we got engaged, it’s where we returned after getting married in Hawai’i, we found out we were having Taryn in that house, and it’s where we brought her home from the hospital.  Tons of memories, birthday, Christmas’s, doing homework at the kitchen table, fixing dinner.  We became a family, we grew, we changed and we loved, all in that house.

And then there is this little voice in the back of my head that whispers, "Good riddance you money hungry, stress, blood, sweat and tears causing, thanks to Katrina nightmare."

Here is hoping for a smooth closing today…

  • Amanda

    Good luck, congratulations and lots and lots of :::hugs:::.

  • Congrats & happy closing today!

  • Just keep telling yourself that everything will get better. Think of all of the new memories that you will create in your new house. A fresh start. A house owned by you both. A safe place to nurture your family.

  • Congrats! Mixed emotions for sure, but a great new start. I hope everything goes smoothly for you today.

  • yeaaayyy.. You’re finally out!! Luckily this is the beginning of a whole bunch of new and beautiful memories.. Your new little “T” will be born there… I can imagine it being a bit bittersweet.. but I’m confident you’ll soon feel right at home in Texas… with no Katrina memories haunting you all.

  • I hope the closing went well today.

    You both deserve a fresh start in a place with no bad memories. I hope that Texas is everything you need and want for this next chapter in your life. Have a safe trip out here – we look forward to greeting you in Austin very soon!