sweet baby, who woke too early from his nap.  who looked up me from his crib, still sleepy, but eyes open.  on any other day, your sister would have followed me in, with bouncy 3 year old energy.  you would have looked at her, your eyes would get big and bright and you’d smile at her and then laugh.  just like you always do.  and you’d be up.  and awake.  ready to play.  but today, that little 3 year old ball of energy was in school, and the house was quiet.  you looked up at me, i scooped you in to my arms with your favorite blankie, and we rocked.  you laid in my arms, quiet, just gazing at me.  and i gazed right back.  i rubbed your cheeks and smiled at you.  and we rocked some more.  you never moved a muscle, you were rarely, perfectly, still.  except for one small moment when you reached your pudgy little hand up to touch my cheek, just like i was touching yours.  and after awhile, you fell asleep, so quiet in my arms.  i rocked some more, just enjoying you.  i placed you back into your crib and you snuggled up to your blankie.  just before i turned to leave your nursery, your little eyes still closed, you reached one arm back and touched my hand.  all i could think was i love you too sweet baby.