It’s that time of year again…..this is my all time favorite!

Ty and I took off for the afternoon to hit the mall and shop for school clothes.  We totally took advantage of the tax free weekend and all the back to school sales.  I was bound and determined to make it as painless as possible because Ty is in that awkward age where friends and clothes are becoming very important.  While we don’t always agree on clothing choices, I was careful to let him choose his clothing (within reason) and purchase things he was comfortable in and he thought were ‘cool’.  I even smiled when he chose a hoodie with a skull on it.  And anyone who knows me can tell you that when it comes to stuff like skulls on clothing, that I was being a very good sport!!  ha!  Gosh it was easier in Louisiana because he wore a uniform, I wish they would institute that here.  It would make my life so much easier and avoid the "what are you going to wear tomorrow" and the "oh uh-hu, you’re not wearing that" battle at our house.  Anyway, we had a good time, until we couldn’t find pants that fit him.  I had to face reality….I’m having a really, really hard time with the fact that my baby now shops in the men’s department.  No more boys department.  How can that be?!?  I’m not coping well.  Guess I should have seen it coming, he’s almost as tall as I am.  Seems like just yesterday he was tiny in my arms, just like Teagan.  Sigh….times are a changin’.

Speaking of change, tonight was Teagan’s last night in the sink bath tub.  He’s totally outgrown it, bustin at the seems, splashing and ready to move on to the ducky tub.  I had to take a few shots of him tonight…the end of an era…



My boys….remember this?  They still cuddle after bath each night, I love this time that they share.   Cuddlebugs…


They grow and change way too fast than could possibly be good for this momma’s heart.