I bought her these yesterday while out shopping with Ty.  After seeing
her squeal with glee and dance around in them for a good 15 minutes,
shakin’ her booty over her new pink chucks, I decided it was the best
$15 bucks I’ve ever spent.


Tomorrow is a big day, we’re going to go visit a mother’s day out / pre-k program.  It’s been a long time coming, we’ve been nervous, apprehensive and anxious about this decision.  While you guys get to see the side of Taryn we see at home, there is also a shy and very apprehensive side of her.  She hides under the dining room table when the doorbell rings or someone new comes over.  When we are out and about you can see it actually physically pains her at times to be social.  Its been different, and difficult, to parent since Ty is on the other end of the social butterfly spectrum.  I never thought twice about Ty being so outgoing, even at a young age and am thankful that its been easy for him.  I loved that I could bring him to pre-k and he loved it, adjusted well, willing to ditch me in a heartbeat, even if at times he mixed it up a little too much and got in to trouble. 

Taryn though, I worry about her.  She’s very slow to warm.  But, she needs this.  It will be good for her.  I just keep telling myself that.  Its hard for me to leave her, because its hard for her.  So this morning I told her we are going to visit a school tomorrow.  I find if she has time to prepare herself for new things, she does much better.  Her eyes got big and she just stared at me for a second.  Thank God for Ty who piped up with a "Ohhh wow T!!  You get to go to school just like Ty!!!"…and she smiled big.  If Ty thinks its cool, it must be! 

And at nap time after I finished reading the second book, she rolled over and looked at me for a second, very quiet, and then says…."Mommy, do they have a potty at school?"  Ahhh, my worrier.  We laid there and talked all about school, art time, reading, snack, recess, new friends, nice teachers…..and when we go tomorrow, we’re definitely asking to check out the potty  πŸ˜‰