Taryn has always been Little T, or just T or "Peanut"…just pick one and she’ll come running.  We don’t actually call Ty "Big T"….but I love this just the same.


and then of course, there is…


That’s the front of the shirts, but the best part is one the back…



My favorite.


And a few out takes.  The big one and the little one broke out in dance mid session =)


Shake it baby, shake it!


Throwing this one in too, just because I love it…


Thanks Mom for helping me with the shirts!  I think they are hilarious!

I’m still trying to deal with the fact that Teagan is our last baby.  I’m happy with 3, but knowing this is the last time I’ll have a new baby in the house, I’ll never be pregnant again, feel life growing within, those little kicks and flutters, is tough.  But with my history of rough pregnancies (and the fact that I’m no spring chicken) we’re 99% sure Teagan is our last.  I am trying to appreciate every single second of every phase with him, for many reasons.  Both because he’s our last and because Jason and I still feel robbed of Taryn’s newborn phase thanks to hurricane Katrina.  Enjoying Teagan’s newborn phase won’t bring back Taryn’s and what we missed out on with her because we were uprooted, distracted, stressed and constantly on the move from the time she was a month old, but it does allow us to experience it while we are stable and settled.  Which is such a gift.  One we don’t take for granted.