What we’ve figured out in a mere 14 days…

  • He’s an eater.  He eats, and eats, and eats.  I secretly love it (although I’d forgotten just how exhausting it is to nurse a newborn).
  • He’s a grunter.  He’s a loud little baby, he grunts all the time.  For no particular reason other than to just grunt.
  • He’s taking after his sister in being born with dark hair, then loosing it to be replaced with a lighter variety.
  • He’s a snuggler.  It melts my heart when his little hand reaches up for my finger to hold onto while nursing.
  • His favorite spot to hang out in the house is on our bed, he loves to sit and gaze at the artwork over our bed.  I gotta admit, it is pretty cool.  Glad he likes it.
  • There is nothing better than watching him come out of a deep sleep with a "grandpa stretch".  You know, the little stretches with the hands up to the face, elbows bent up and out, face wrinkled up, little old man look to them.  Love em.
  • He gets really mad, for very little reason, then gets over it pretty quickly, again, for no apparent reason.
  • He much prefers warm wipes out of the wipes warmer vs. the cold ones.  He lets me know every time I don’t walk across the house to get the warm ones that he thinks I’m lazy.
  • I could smell the top of his head 50 times a day.
  • He loves being swaddled by daddy, but not mommy, I don’t have the magic touch.

What we’ve known all along is that we’re totally in love with him, and I can’t wait to see more and more of who he is each day.

And what’s a post without a photo?  Teagan with the beautiful wrap that our friend Jill made.  I can’t wait to do a full session with it soon, she did a fantastic job, is seriously gorgeous!  If you are interested in her wraps just let me know and I’ll get you in touch with her!


Thanks for stopping in =)