Alli just sent me these and oh gosh, they crack me up.  I didn’t bring my camera but thankfully Alli’s mom had her point and shoot in her purse.  These two were something else!  I love the little kid pedi chairs (thanks Becky for the recommendation!!).  The little trays are dvd players, how cool is that?!

The look on Taryn’s face in the last shot cracks me up! My girl loves a good massage.  If you could have heard their conversations, so funny.  I don’t think the workers had any idea what was coming their way when the blond hair, blue eyed, divas stopped in.  Alli thanks for sending these to me!  Somehow I have a feeling we’ll be going back again very soon, these girls don’t forget anything.  And when the husbands say “weren’t you just there last week??” …. we can say it’s for the girls.  Yeah, yeah, that’s it.