I put it off for so long, getting his hair cut.  One of my favorite things about him is the way his hair naturally flips up above his ear.  It’s sweet and simple and so so him.  He was looking very shaggy and we had photos with Libby coming up.  It needed to be done, but I won’t lie, I totally regret it.  Which is weird because I didn’t regret a single hair cut, first or otherwise with the other 3 kids.  Maybe it’s because we lost so much of the red hair, it’s much more blonde underneath now that it is shorter.  It’s been a month, and I still kinda regret it, he looks so big and different.  It’s growing back quickly, I could probably justify another haircut already, but I won’t.  We brought him to Birds Barbershop, the same place Jude had his first haircut, minus the drama lol!  I thought for sure he’d cry, but our biggest challenge was getting him to stop dancing long enough to get the trim done!  Funny baby!