for all the well wishes and prayers, we appreciate them more than you know.

teagan is doing well.  we expected him to scream and cry when they took him from us to go into the OR but he did fantastic, not even a tear shed.  coming out of surgery was another story.  he was scared, in pain and very disoriented.  but after lots of extra cuddles today and some extra rest, he’s doing very well.  i will still be a little scarce and slow to reply to emails as my little man needs my attention and jase returns to a full day of work tomorrow.  thanks again!

and a huge thank you to my dear friend, for letting us drop off our middle monkey at the crack of dawn and carting her all over town with you today.  we appreciate it more than you know….and since I can’t post without a pic, here is your monkey, looking cuter than ever ((((and like a big girl, not a baby!))))….