Emily tagged me to re-post a photo from my first 4 moths of blogging and tell the story behind it.  My first blog got eaten by the internet so I had to resort to my second blog (yes, this is my fourth blog – yikes!).  It was kind of fun to go back and look at the old posts.  I picked these photos…just because it’s almost Christmas time and I thought it might give someone an idea for fun holiday crafts.  Reindeer feet, first done by my wonderful sister-in-law Dana as a gift for my mom.  She did one foot of each of her 3 children across the canvas….so cute and so much character.  Ty’s foot wouldn’t fit on the canvas, it was too big, so we just did both of Taryn’s feet.  They looked huge at the time but now they look so little!  This year, we’ll be doing Teagan’s for sure!

The red nose is a thumb print!

When you’re done, just hotglue some ribbon around the edge and voila!

Now it’s my turn to tag someone…..I tag McGee, Jaidean, Sandra & Sarah.