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two years ago….

taryn had just developed a fear of the vacuum cleaner.  it hasn’t changed….she still runs in fear at the mere mention of it.  teagan on the other hand gets all giddy, runs and attacks it with gusto.  how two kids from the same gene pool can be sooooo different continues to amaze me.

can you believe i have not picked up my camera once all week?!  not one time.  not one photo of the kids.  it may be that i’m just exhausted trying to keep up with them during the first week of summer break, i dunno.  gotta pick it up today.  i miss it.

and how did all you austinites fare in the nasty weather last night?  we were out in it!  just taryn and i with some friends.  we had a girls night out including pedicures and then a bite to eat.  the sirens went off and we were holed up in the men’s bathroom at the spicy pickle for a long time.  softball size hail and it felt like the cheap metal roof was going to either pop off or cave in any second.  we eventually had to brave it home when they were about to close and our husbands said it was ok to head home.  lightning was hitting the ground all the way home on both sides of us on 183A, longest ride of my life.  t was so scared.  after being shocked by lightning last year it makes me sick just to see it / think about it.  i’ve never been so happy to pull in my driveway!

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Today I…..

…thanked a friend.

…cried reading a gracious email giving me more credit than I could ever deserve.  I cried again when one of my clients called me through tears herself.  I am so grateful.

…finished up a week of doing at least one nice, extra, little thing for my husband each day.

…found myself wandering around the house saying “where is Teagan??” way to many times.  That kid is everywhere.

…am thankful Teagan’s follow up appointment for his surgery went so well.  In fact, it couldn’t have gone any better.

…am working on Mother’s Day gifts.

…have thought about picking up my camera to capture little moments during our day, but haven’t done it yet.

…can’t get the scorpion that was in.my.house yesterday out of my mind.  ick ick ick

…have been karate chopped by a certain 3 year old 681 times.  I am sooooo over Kung Poo Panda (as she calls it, ha!)

…realized I haven’t done a good ‘ol flashback friday recently.  This is one of my all time favorites of Taryn & Teagan, taken just about a year ago this week.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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flashback friday | austin photographer

I woke up this morning thinking I had nothing to blog about.  Blah.  The weather is blah, my mood is blah.  My day has been filled with shuffling kids, cleaning house, and getting ready for a weekend of working.  Then I realized, hey, it’s friday, I can do a flashback friday.  And instead of digging through archives (I’m much too lazy to reach over and plug in my external drives after exerting so much energy cleaning all morning long….sad, but true….) I went looking through my blog posts from this date over the last two years.  And guess what I found!?!?  This post. Wow, has it only been a year?  Our friendships have grown so much, so many laughs, so many chats, watching our girls grow together……it’s been a joy, a total and complete joy.  I think we’re all secretly hoping for a few bluebonnets this year so we can revisit this.

And because I came across this post too while searching and it made me smile.  I love them.  Oh wait, this one cracks me up.  Oh man, good stuff.

Alright I’ll quit now…..it’s fun going through old posts, I rarely do.  If you’re a long time (or short time even) visitor….what was your favorite post?

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flashback friday

In honor of Teagan turning 8 months old today….I thought I’d post a photo of him at 8 days old….

oh man….has he changed a lot….8 months old, just a quick snap on our way out the door this morning….

it’s amazing how big he is, how fun he is.  and how those things make me so happy, and so sad, at the same time.  seeing him grow makes my heart swell and ache, all at once.  i am sure it’s the “this is my last baby” reality sinking in.  but i’m not sure how he got so big, so fast.  he’s my happy baby.  he’s so chill, much more so than ty or taryn even thought about being LOL.  we were due!  he’s just happy to be here.  even when he’s sick, or teething, or hungry, he lets you know, and then he goes right back to being happy again.  he’s everywhere, into everything.  especially if it involves his sister.  if it belongs to her, it is interesting.  he attacks magazines with all his might, he loves to pat Ty on the head and he can get an amazing distance when he throws his pacifier across the room, sometimes it lands in an entirely different room all together.  he loves it when taryn sings to him in the car and he has a wave that strongly resembles a crazy person riding a bull and swinging their arm.  he gives big wet kisses that usually require a towel when you get one, but we all still ask for them every single day.  he’s a snuggler, a lay his head down on your shoulder and look up at you with those big blue eyes and a grin, snuggler.  he just started to forgo the army crawl and get up on all fours.  exploring the house is a sport, but all roads lead to his sister’s room.  it makes me sad, but he’s starting to loose the mohawk.  he’s getting white blond hair in the back and on the sides.  no teeth, but we expected that, ty and taryn got teeth late too.  ok by me since I’m nursing and i love a little toothless grin.  there is a lot of stradtner in him.  the stradtner scowl….they all do it!  and just like taryn and jase, he sticks his little tongue out when he’s concentrating or thinking really hard.  i love it.  i love him.

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Flashback Friday

I searched everywhere for this photo a month or so ago….I was looking for it to share with MC for ideas on composition for photographing sweet baby eyelashes.  I came across it this afternoon and thought I’d re-edit the original for a good ole Flashback Friday =)


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flashback friday

Ahhhh, this is a good one….Taryn, 7 months old.  It always makes me smile.  Cute, chubby little peanut.


Deer in the headlights with the onboard flash crack me up.  Makes me realize though, man I’ve come a long way 😉

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