I woke up this morning thinking I had nothing to blog about.  Blah.  The weather is blah, my mood is blah.  My day has been filled with shuffling kids, cleaning house, and getting ready for a weekend of working.  Then I realized, hey, it’s friday, I can do a flashback friday.  And instead of digging through archives (I’m much too lazy to reach over and plug in my external drives after exerting so much energy cleaning all morning long….sad, but true….) I went looking through my blog posts from this date over the last two years.  And guess what I found!?!?  This post. Wow, has it only been a year?  Our friendships have grown so much, so many laughs, so many chats, watching our girls grow together……it’s been a joy, a total and complete joy.  I think we’re all secretly hoping for a few bluebonnets this year so we can revisit this.

And because I came across this post too while searching and it made me smile.  I love them.  Oh wait, this one cracks me up.  Oh man, good stuff.

Alright I’ll quit now…..it’s fun going through old posts, I rarely do.  If you’re a long time (or short time even) visitor….what was your favorite post?