Earlier this week I hit the grocery store with all three kids.  I had both a watermelon and a pineapple in the cart because last week my friend Heather posted on facebook about how wonderful they are juiced together.  Insert intense pregnant craving here.  I put the watermelon on last at checkout because I’m really trying hard to stick to our grocery budget and pay with cash.  I didn’t want to go over by the time the cashier got to it, so I said never mind on the watermelon and paid.  As we were about to leave Ty said he had to go to the bathroom and he’d meet us out at the car.  Honestly, I was a little annoyed because we had already made one bathroom trip while in the store.  Since he can go on his own, I didn’t really care though.  I was loading kids and groceries in to the van when I see Ty come out of the store with the watermelon.  He knew how much I’ve been craving it, even though it wasn’t something we really “needed”.  He paid for it with his own money.  How sweet is that?!  I totally cried right there in the parking lot.  Best tasting watermelon ever.