She sits like this on the couch while reading or watching Little Einsteins.  So her, right now.

Still feeling awful, cramping and contractions.  Little sleep.  I am thankful that my recliner, and sleep location of choice here lately, sits next to the large picture window in our living room.  I get to see the most amazing sunrises every morning.  So I guess if there is a bright side to pregnant insomnia and discomfort, that would be it.

Our little man (yes, he’s still nameless even though our family thinks we’re just holding out on them) should be over 5 lbs now by my Dr’s estimate.  My next OB appointment is Monday, I’m anxious to see if we’ve made any progress and if I’ve dilated further.  Hopefully I haven’t.  Our goal is to go to at least 34 weeks, one week from today.  I was just telling Jason though, we’ll hope for 34 and then I’ll be knocking on the hospitals doors at 40 weeks begging them to take him out!  LOL! 

In the meantime, here I sit, watching the chaos go on around me.  Grandma and Jason took the kids to Sams to stock up on essentials and then they are going to work on getting our Christmas decorations packed up and into the attic.  I’m so thankful Grandma came to help out for a few days….total bonus she kicked Jason’s butt in Wii Bowling!  Ha!