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Jan 13, 2008
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The belly.  I must look like I hurt.  Taryn does this to me every day.  She’s so sweet about it….she brings me "bo-baids" (bo-baids are for bobo’s, band-aids are for bands?). 

She unwraps it, lifts my shirt, gently pats it on and says "I make you feel better Mommy".  It started about 6 weeks ago maybe, I’d get one a day.  The bigger I get, the more bo-baids I need.

And yes, I touched up my stretch marks.  Why??  Because I CAN!  Now if only photoshop worked in real life!!

  • Awwww such a cute belly!!! I can’t wait to meet the little boy that is inside … fingers and toes crossed for a couple more weeks:)

    Taryn is such a sweetie!

  • How sweet is that! Taryn is gonna make a great big sister!