I have been meaning to do this for awhile.  a couple of things to note….

this is going to make my mom very happy.

the lighting/color is all weird thanks to her chandelier being on.

i still don’t like the way i laugh.

she did not know i was recording her. she would have never agreed. i told her i took one pic and that was it. i am without scrouples.

she will not do this with more than one person in the room.  flat out refuses.  doesn’t matter who that one person is, but only one. you’ll hear us giving jase the boot.

i love the way she says “specially cool”

and the way she crosses her feet.

we read 3 books before this one so if i sound a little annoyed with the “is this your favorite part” it is genuine, i had already answered the question 67 times lol.

all you non-southerners….does she have an accent?

i wish she would have read the belly button book all the way through…so animated…but this one was better on video

so here it is…the barnyard dance a la little t…