My sweet, silly, boy thinks it is hilarious to sit sideways in his swing.  Taryn and Jude did this too.  Funny kiddos.  I can’t say that Ty did.  15+ years ago there weren’t battery operated swings.  If they existed, I certainly couldn’t afford one.  You had a big bucket seat (that didn’t allow for sideways sitting) and a metal crank that you had to wind up.  That meant you had exactly 2 minutes and 30 seconds to shower while the swing was going.  I was good at speed showers back then.  I had to be!  It was a very different time to be a mother.  No computer in the house.  No internet.  No Dr. Google.  No online mommy groups to bounce things off of.  No blog to chronicle his baby days.  It was a very different, and more difficult, time to mother…and it wasn’t all that long ago.