You ever have one of those days where things just don’t go right.  Nothing bad happened, but nothing goes as planned?  Today was that day.

My session first thing this morning didn’t go as planned, so bummed about that.  Then I got a call from my husband on my way home that the repair place called about my Explorer and the repairs would be more than the stupid thing is worth.  Sigh….we planned on replacing it with a minivan this year but we weren’t ready yet.  Much less on short notice.  With our work schedules and kids activities, 2 of the 3 need carpool and pre-k drop offs / pickups….we are sooo not a one car family.  So we found ourselves car shopping this afternoon with 3 tired, cranky kiddos.  If you’ve ever been shopping with my husband, or heard me tell “the refrigerator story”….you know that this is a big deal.  Have I ever told that story here?  Ty tells it pretty well, complete with exasperation.  Jase will research a product to death, then go to look at it, mull it over, think about it some more, go home and google, research reviews, theeeennnnn, go back and stare of two products side by side.  For hours.  Like, 6 hours.  Tis true.  The time Ty and I went with him to buy a refrigerator, I thought our sanity was a thing of the past.  I love him, I do, he balances out my spontaneous side but the indecisiveness does get a bit exhausting for big purchases.  I tried hard to embrace who he is today and his thought processes…..good move, it went well at the dealership.  We came home for a bit to think on the big purchase this afternoon and everyone refused naps (except Jase, who fell asleep on the floor in the living room, go figure!).  Then Teagan got a fever (he’s teething again)… when it was time to head back to the dealership we just couldn’t face it.  We threw in the towel and gave in for the day.   Jase made an awesome meatball pizza for dinner and when I opened the fridge to fix drinks I found this….

I love my little dude.  I love the way he loves putting things away.  And I love the way he dances.  And laughs.  And loves.  I love finding his things around the house.  Someday I’m going to miss this.