Our goal was to arrive in San Antonio at 9 am when the park opened, but in true "parents of a newborn" fashion, we had some trouble getting out of the house and didn’t get there until 2 pm.  HA!  But even with our late and chaotic start, we got there and had a blast.  We only ventured into about 1/2 of the park, I’m so excited we bought season tickets, we’ll be going back lots!

A couple of memories stand out the most…

Taryn loved her purple bracelet that let everyone manning the rides know how tall she was.  It was purple and very cool.  She was just tall enough to go on the rides a level above the baby rides.

Standing in line equates to nail biting.  And rollercoaster riding is very serious business.  After she went on it once, she insisted she go again and "ride in the front"!  Daredevil in the making!  She would have been perfectly happy going around and around all day long.

Teagan wasn’t a huge fan of Seaworld.  He’s normally a great little traveler but the Shamu show was too loud and all he wanted to do was nurse all day long, which was difficult.  He was hot, sticky and just not a happy little camper.

Ty was psyched about getting soaked by Shamu, he was the first one up against the wall with the trainers.  Taryn loved being close to the big fish, wanted to swim with them and catch them with her "fishinpole".  But she freaked when she got soaked, the water was COLD.  Ty was thrilled.  I consider myself lucky that I got to sit out of the splash and soak zones with the baby πŸ™‚ 

When Ty and Jase went on the Steel Eel, they both screamed like little girls.  It was fabulous.

Ty managed to dodge the camera a lot, but you’ll notice the few times I did catch him, he was talking to girls.  Humph.  That’s all I have to say about that.

Seriously, Ty did so good with Taryn, taking her on rides, playing in the water with her and just being overly patient in having to deal with a toddler and nursing a newborn, mom.  He’s being rewarded for being such a great big brother by getting to go back really soon with just his Dad to do all the big kid, fun stuff without little kiddos or mom!

A few favorites….but you can see more by going to my website, click on "online proofing" and put in "seaworld" as the password.  Nothing fancy, just a few family snapshots.




Doesn’t she look just tiny?



See Jason & Ty….there they go!





Here is Teagan in one of his less grumpy moments, but still sporting a "where the heck am I" look!  LOL!


Thanks for lookin =)