Just a quick post this morning.  We are   d   r   a   g   g   i   n   g   this morning after a very long, but fun trip to SeaWorld in San Antonio yesterday.  It was 11 pm before we got home and we are so tired today!  The kids had a blast and the best part is we bought season passes so we’ll be going back all summer long!  I took a ton of pics too but they are all still sitting on the card, in the camera.

Here are a few more from my shoot on Saturday with Beth and her husband….I’m still sorting through them but have so many favorites already….I love that even though you can’t see their faces, you can still see they are smiling and their affection for one another.



And speaking of blog contest winners, T is standing behind me with a bowl saying "I want to pick another winner"  LOL!  Guess she’s ready for another contest?!  I’ve created a monster!