I mentioned last week that I was bummed we had to drive through and miss Santa Fe. After breaking down it was the closest town so here we are. It’s actually our 3rd time here and one of our favorite RV parks (Santa Fe Skies RV Park) welcomed us with open arms after a very long day. If you’ve followed our journey from early on you’ll remember this spot as the place we saw incredible pink snow at sunset in the spring of 2018. When we arrived tonight the sunset didn’t disappoint either. I’m obsessed with the skies in Santa Fe. I told Jason it’s as though the clouds have a love affair with the mountains here.

I’ll just be over here photographing the sky in Santa Fe until we can figure out another repair and where we should reroute to. We’d love to catch up to our planned route but we may need to skip a stop or two.

Another day, another Santa Fe sky. This time with a little rain.