We were supposed to be in West Virginia this week seeing the newest national park.  Instead we bolted up to Pennsylvania though an exhausting amount of DC traffic.  We are scheduled to tour an RV that’s already sold later today.  Sounds dumb right?!  RVs are super hard to come by in this market and the layout we are looking for is super scarce right now.  Available ones are either already sold when I call around or on the other side of the country.  If we love it we will likely just order directly from the manufacturer….but I 100% need to stand in the space and make sure it feels like home first!  Fingers crossed!

ps…we love Pennsylvania.  The people are so wonderful and crossing through northern Maryland in to PA, it feels like New England.  Spring time and the rolling green hills, farms everywhere (we are staying at one we love), it is one of my favorite places.  Happy to be jumping around this beautiful state for the rest of May.