Jonah has been talking so much.  His vocabulary is just insane to me.  This afternoon, he woke up from his nap and wanted to nurse for a few minutes.  When he was ready to get up, he looked over at the rocking chair in my bedroom.  Jase had left a pair of jeans flung over the edge with his belt still in the loops.  Jonah immediately says…

“Daddy, where Daddy?  I need to bring Daddy his pants.”

I told him Daddy wasn’t home, he was at the store.

“Daddy not home??  Daddy at the store??  WITHOUT HIS PANTS?!?!?”

I had to explain that Daddy was wearing pants at the store, just not *those* pants.  All while cracking up.  Funny kid.

And if you didn’t catch this over on Instagram last week, it’s worth a click over.  Kid is a total crack up.