Teagan Jude has been on a roll here lately.

  • A few days ago he ran up to me, hugged the belly and said “This is so great Mommy, hugging you is 2 for 1!”  I pretty much melted right there.  I adore how much the kids love their baby brother already.  They talk to him and tell him daily, especially Teagan.
  • Yesterday we stopped at Target and I wanted to purchase a few nursing tanks.  As we headed to that department Teagan yells out at the highest decibel known to 4 year olds, “OH!  We are in the BOOOOOOOB department!!!”.  Thank the Lord I’d sent Ty off in search of something else for me, he would have been mortified. Taryn and I, along with about 10 other moms within earshot, thought it was hilarious.  Nursing ought to be interesting.
  • Tonight before bed Teagan came running through the house on his stick horse yelling “Just call me Cowboy Rich Money!” doing a little dance while he galloped.  Hilarious!  What do you even say to that?!

If you see Cowboy Rich Money shopping for boobs at Target, it’s my kid.  My really, funny, awesome, kid.