I simply can’t believe Miss Ava is one already….where has the time gone?  If you look up at the scrolling header on my blog you’ll see her all squished up as a newborn.  ((Note to self:  update blog header, it’s been awhile!)).  Anyway, she’s no longer a squishy little newborn, she’s a bright, happy, beautiful, walking!!!, one year old.


Her newborn session was such a breeze, I thought for sure she’d give me a run for my money today.  But nope, total rock star!  As soon as they plopped her down she spotted my camera and threw me a bunch of big old smiles.  I wanted to bring her home with me!!

Tiffany & David, I just loved seeing you guys again and marvel over what a beautiful todller Ava has grown in to!!  Oh what a difference a year makes =)