My stinkerbug who….

Laughs at his own jokes, hysterically,

Karate chops anything standing (or not standing) still.

Started calling his sister “honey”.  It got shortened to “hun”.  And it is now “huns”.  I love it.

Every time he completes a task, especially when he does it of his own free will, yells “BOOYA!”  Clears his dinner dishes, BOOYA.  Picks up his socks, BOOYA.  Writes his name, BOOYA.  Wipes his butt, BOOYA.  I kid you not.

Thinks the word “fart” is the single best word in the entire world.  All I have to do is say it, and I get smiles like this.  Seriously, try it with the 4 year old boy crowd.  Or really, the 4-94 year old boy crowd, works every time.