Mail day is the best day!  It can be a challenge getting mail on the road but we make it work!  We use Escapees mail service so we have a domicile in Texas.  We can have our mail shipped to us from Escapees while we are out on the road.  Timing it can be tricky if we are moving quickly and we have to be sure the campground accepts mail or have it sent general delivery to a post office.  Today was a general delivery day since we are at a state park that doesn’t accept mail for campers.

Today’s goodness included a ton of my favorite natural health goodies from Earthley Wellness plus a new pair of glasses for me!  I got new glasses from my eye doctor last fall and I love the frames, but they always feel foggy and the lenses are constantly dirty no matter how much I clean them.  It drives me crazy.  I also ordered a cheap pair of Rx sunglasses from Zenni last fall.  And I LOVE them!  I started noticing how much more clear they are awhile back, so I decided to order a few pair of every day glasses from Zenni and use the “good” $125 pair from my eye doctor as a backup.  My new pair cost $20 and I love them so much!  They are so much more clear and super comfy!