I have so many things to come blog about, updates on all of us, my and Taryn’s girls trip to New Orleans…just tons of updating.  But I know if I don’t post this right now it will get lost in the shuffle.

Our sweet girl graduated from kindergarten this morning.  It was so very bittersweet.  She had a really rough start to her year.  School started during some very dark times for our family as it was just a few months after Teagan’s vaccine reaction.  We were in the midst of dealing with Taryn’s sensory issues and none of us could have anticipated just how hard the changes that school brought would be.  That rough start makes me even more proud of her.  She overcame so much.  She worked hard.  She found confidence.  I think back to that first week of school and all the challenges they brought and then I look at her now and she’s a different kid.  Strong.  Confident.  Happy.  She made so many wonderful friends this year, something her heart really needed and it’s been so great for her.  Her teacher is beyond amazing, I just think the world of her.  She’s one of those blessed souls that was made to be a teacher and her first year this year was a huge success in our eyes.  She’s helped Taryn in countless ways this year, we owe her so much gratitude.  She gave our girl a wonderful foundation for learning and that is irreplaceable.  Academically, she’s come so far, she started the year not yet reading and now she’s reading better than I’d ever have anticipated, I’d estimate at around a 3rd grade level.  She’s writing all the time, journal and pen always handy, her creativity has exploded.  Yes, my girl has grown in so many ways.  There was a time that merely walking across this stage with an auditorium full of people looking at her would have been a no go.  But not today!  The shyness has faded.  She’s confident and happy.  And on to FIRST GRADE!!!!  Congrats my big girl, we are so very proud of you!