I have been trying to give my new camera (it is a 5D Mark II for those that asked) a good workout with each of my lenses just to make sure there aren’t any issues with it and that I am 100% happy with it.  I pulled out the macro this week to play a little and thought I would come share a few.  I am not a macro photographer, I say that often, mostly because I cannot stand using a tripod and well, it is windy here.  Two big things working against me, but here are a few I liked….

this one makes me want a sprite!

and here are a couple of my little guy….I took these last week too and used Kristi’s new presets on them, love!!!!

i love his little hair whispies coming off the back of his noggin in this one.

aaaaaaand, we’re done.  it started to sprinkle right before this shot and he was not in to the rain at all lol.

guess what teagan learned how to do today?  shake his head no!  it is seriously so, so cute.  we’re worried he might have whiplash lol!  and my goal for the week is to catch it on video.

check in tomorrow for a session share =)