Jonah turned two while we were camping in the fall so I used that opportunity to take his 2nd birthday photos.  This boy, he steals my heart in a million ways….jonah_second_birthday

He’s so much fun, so loving, so kind and has just been the easiest addition to our family.  I thought our family was complete.  I thought our fertility issues were too big to overcome.  I thought we were a family of 5.  Yet I can’t remember now what it feels like to not have him here.  It’s like he’s always been here.  It’s up in the air who adores him the most, we all soak him up every day.  He is so very loved….

jonah stradtner

Easygoing?  Yes.  Definitely.  What a blessing that is….

jonah turns two

This last photo, it brings tears to my eyes.  I love them both so very much.  Seeing them love each other is just the best.  I grew up without my dad around and he died when I was 12.  My step dad and I had a decent, yet rocky at times, relationship.  He taught me a lot of things and brought good to my life, but it wasn’t a run to him loving type of relationship.  When I see this little boy run in to his daddy’s arms when he comes home from work, I get to live a little of that.  And it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen.  I’m so very blessed to get to witness the way they love.

Happy Birthday Jonah!