I can honestly say that I’ve never cried over a football game, so it surprised even me when the field goal kick made it’s way up into the air and the tears came. I am so, so proud of our boys and so happy for our city.   I can remember going to the Saints games as a kid, walking up to the stadium and buying tickets for under $30, only to enter and see a half empty stadium. As a kid, I was excited to be there and cheered for our team.  We experienced a lot of loss through the years yet I’ve always been proud to be a Saints fan. And the Dome, once a sign of desperation, now a sign of celebration. Oh what I would have given to be there tonight!  Both Jase and I will be hoarse tomorrow, without a doubt!   I loved the look in Sean Payton’s eyes tonight, it’s about the game, but also the city, the community and the fans that they’ve selflessly wrapped themselves up in.  After four decades, it’s time!  It’s here!  I hope each and every one of them enjoys every second of their Superbowl experience.  It’s a great day to be a Saint!