I have to share this, because it makes me laugh. 

Can anyone guess how tall Taryn is??


Our poor, pitiful tree.  Naked at the bottom, giftless, yanked on and warped branches, with a crooked star at the top.  Poor thing went from living large on the tree farm to having a tortured final few weeks in the home of a toddler.

A few other pics of the house since it’s finally starting to come together….

My mom sent us a GORGEOUS live wreath this year.  It smells soooooo good when you walk through the front door, I just love it!  Thanks Mom!


Our mantel and stockings, which will be monogrammed once we decide on a name for our baby boy.


We’re still working on the nursery.  Jason finished painting in there but we still need to hang the chair rail, hang curtains, and get it all put together, hopefully this weekend it will be closer to done!  My new office area is about done too so I can share pics of that soon too!

ETA:  the onesie is from Target for those who asked!  I found it on the end of an aisle in the baby section (not clothing dept though).