It’s 2:27 am and I should have been in bed hours ago.  Jonah has been up 4 times, I don’t know what’s up with him tonight, a new tooth maybe.  My email calls, I’m so behind.  This blog has been quiet but my life, most definitely, has not.  Have I mentioned that is participating in the Birth Without Fear Conference in a little over a week.  Yes.  It’s going to be epic and I’m so stoked about it.  But it also falls smack dab in the middle of busy season.  Full plate juggling it all?  Yes.

And homeschool.  We are so close to finishing out for the year I can taste it.  Less than 3 weeks from being done and getting a much deserved break after 30+ straight weeks.  The kids are finishing up subjects here and there but we won’t be 100% done for another few weeks.  Next year we will be done by Sept 1 and it will be so much easier than working full on in to busy season.

So while this blog has been quiet, my life has been anything but.  I know that someday I’ll regret how little I’ve blogged this year.  I will regret less documentation, less every day writings, less of the good stuff.  So that’s why I’m writing at 2:27 am, cause I want to remember.

I’ll want to remember that Jonah took 4 steps toward Jude yesterday and they were both thrilled.

I’ll want to remember how Jonah throws the ball with a squeal.  It’s the best thing ever.

I’ll want to remember how Taryn looked so proud today when she finished her Geography for the year.

I’ll want to remember that the way they fill up the dining room table every morning with crafts and glue and legos and puzzles and books and swords and paper.  And how they have to clean it all off so we can have dinner every night.  That table sits lonely and clean each night waiting for them to get up in the morning and fill it with their interests.

I’ll want to remember how much Taryn wants to ride Ty’s old RipStik.

I’ll want to remember how Jonah dances and bops his head to the sound of the breastpump going.  He’ll dance to anything.

I’ll want to remember that even though I’m running around like crazy all the time, and they see me frazzled way too often, I still stop and read them book and hug them and tuck them in.  I’m trying, it’s hard, but I’m trying.

And y’all, my baby boy, he’s 11 months old and we are planning his birthday party.  How can that be?!