This was soooooo freaking cool!  I promised Ty 6 weeks ago that if he brought up his grades that I’d bring him to indoor skydiving at iFly, which just opened in Austin.  He did bring up his grades and today was the day!  He looked super nervous before he jumped in the tunnel.  He absolutely loooooved it!  And his momma is much more comfortable with this compared to him jumping out of an actual airplane!  He did 2 jumps today and we will be going back for more.  Duder is definitely in for the next round and Miss Taryn is a strong “maybe”.  I’m pretty sure it’s going to be difficult to keep Jason away from this place too!  As for me, I have no desire whatsoever to have my chub flap in the wind, no thank you!  Ha!  I’m perfectly happy with my feet on the ground.  I loved watching some of the littlest kids go, kids as young as age 3 can jump, way cool!  I also loved that when we arrived there was an elderly grandmother there jumping with her grandkids, rock on Granny!!  Obviously, we definitely recommend iFly in Austin.  If you have a chance to go, do it!