My husband is in denial.  About several things, but mostly about his little girl.  It occasionally makes him start to twitch, ha!  I used to be that way with Ty, but I’m accepting it much better as the age of almost 15 than Jase is with Taryn at almost 7.  So anyway, Jase hurried down the hall and propped himself up on the door frame to my office tonight:

J:  Did you know that Taryn knows all the words to a Taylor Swift song?!
Me:  Yes.  And she thinks boys are cute too honey.
J:  NO SHE DOESN’T! She’s just confused.
Me:  No, she really does think boys are cute.
J:  Oh yeah, well Ty has a girlfriend!  HA!  (in his best, take that!, tone)
Me:  So what, Taryn’s going to get her period some day.
J:  Oh my gawd, oh my gawd, oh my gawwwwd!  Don’t say that!  :::twitch twitch twitch:::

I win.