Everyone, big and small, is pitching in around here right now.  Today I realized it’s November.  When did that happen?  December is in sight.  Have I mentioned that our family has a new schedule?  A new schedule that is kicking my butt.  A schedule that I didn’t want, but it was necessary.  We had to take Ty off the school bus due to a bully situation, which means we bring him back and forth, 3 kids out of the house 5 days a week.  Taryn has school 3 days a week now so on those days I’m running like crazy.  For awhile I was having to ditch the little kids naps to go get Ty in the afternoons.  That was NOT working.  No one was sleeping, everyone was up earlier, I had zero time to work, they were screaming and horrible messes by mid evening, we were on the run constantly….nightmare.  We got that worked out but the new schedule has still been a huge adjustment for me.  My days are longer, filled with more driving, less rest, less time to work during the busiest time of year for our business, the house is a mess.  No more pajama days (I miss those like crazy) especially since I work weekends.  At least the kids get to have jammie mornings on Saturday and Sunday.  I’d like to go ahead and take a moment to thank God for Starbucks….it’s keeping me going.  When we pull into the drivethru Taryn pops up with a “does mommy need a little happy?”  Yes, yes she does sweet girl.  I’m considering hiring an office assistant to help with office stuff next fall.  I think it’s time.  Someone to help with inventory, packaging and a simple dose of ‘help me stay sane without the caffeine’.  Until then, I’ll get my kids to wash the windows.  Taryn loves to help with just about anything as long as I’m involved as well.  Teagan, well, he’s got some mad broom skills.  Just don’t take it away from him or 2×4 baby will make an appearance.  It gets ugly every.single.time.